Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Prophetic Insights for 2013 by Darren Canning

What I am sensing in the spirit for the New Year is an alignment to destiny.  Many people are being aligned for the harvest.  God will speak deeply into peoples’ hearts and give them strategies to deploy to bring souls into the Kingdom.  Some of these new strategies will result in hundreds of people being gleaned quickly into the Kingdom of God.

Leaders will begin to pop up that were never seen before.  These will be God’s instruments that he is uses to gather in the grapes for harvest.
Some ministers will fall to the wayside in the coming season.  They have not been listening to God’s voice.  There will be some that will leave the work of Christ to take occupations in industry or community because the salaries will be very tempting, but in these people’s place there will rise leaders who do not care about financial gain.  They will see a great harvest of souls in their communities and it will spread from place to place.
Suffering will be seen on a greater scale in many places.  Intercessors will begin to cry out for souls on other continents.  Tears will fall to the ground as a watering for harvest. India in particular will begin to experience some trauma that will result in a new sound going out in the spirit for harvest.
I see ministers coming together in a new way.  Leaders will join forces across philosophical divides and they will love each other and be joined together for the new thing that God is about to do.  Seasoned leaders will rise up and take the hands of junior leaders and propel them to greater heights.  They will not be threatened by each other but will do this because the Lord called them to do it.  They will see a double harvest as a result.
Prayer will become a greater priority for many.  People will begin to meet in places of work or in public to pray for the needs of their families and friends.  This will just naturally happen as an outcrop of fellowship with one another.  As a result salvations will occur in many of these unexpected places.
I am also sensing that the supernatural will grow stronger in the next season for those who will preach the gospel with boldness.  The Lord will impart a greater portion of his spirit to accomplish the task.  These ministers will preach with fire in their hands and feet.  They will travel to many places releasing the word in season and signs and wonders will follow.  Greater Signs will occur in this coming year that we have seen before.